Three Reasons to Continue Summer Job Hunting

As in, don’t ditch your resume just yet to head to the nearest beach! This time of year may seem like it’s quiet and in fact, you may try to convince yourself no one’s hiring until Labor Day.

Alas! That’s not necessarily true and according to the folks at Brazen Careerist, there are several reasons to keep persisting with your goal.

In a recent post, they outlined several reasons to continue job hunting amidst countless distractions like the beach, being outdoors, and of course, procrastinating.

1. Longer daylight hours means less time crunch. Think of it this way: Looking for a job feels like a job in itself, right? With more daylight, it can technically feel like we’re not working so hard at it (or at least so much). Daylight brings just that: Lightness. Plus, in the piece Sarah Stackhouse writes, “Longer daylight hours trick our biological clocks into thinking we have more time.”

2. Summer screams happy hour. Networking has never felt so enjoyable! Whether it’s a barbecue, summer picnic or baseball game, odds are you’re exchanging small talk (and if you’re workin’ it right, your business card) in a social setting.

3. Vacations to the beach? How about office buildings instead? If you’re employed full-time right now, what could be better than slipping away for a “long lunch” or calling it a day at 3 p.m. in order to jet to an informational interview or formal job interview? In the piece, Stackhouse points out, “While these ‘vacations’ may not sound enticing, they will pay off big in the long run.”