Three Phones Due An Update: No Update Love So Far

Microsoft and Google both released updates to their smartphone operating systems this week, and it is a race to see which of my phones will receive an update first. Odds are that my Nexus One or Nexus S will get an update first because I have a feeling T-Mobile is not releasing the Windows Phone update for my HD7.

The most significant update will occur on my Nexus One, which will be getting a full version upgrade to Android. We have been expecting the Gingerbread upgrade (Android 2.3) for the Nexus One since December, when Google first started selling the Nexus S. The upgrade to Android 2.3.3 has started being pushed to the Nexus One as well as Nexus S this week.

So far I have not seen the upgrade notification on either of my phones, though I am curious whether the Nexus One will ever see it because it is only connected to WiFi and does not have a SIM card. Fortunately, direct downloads and installation instructions are available to manually install the upgrade to the phones. I have done the manual upgrade before and it is a straight forward process. You basically copy a file to the storage card of the phone, then restart the phone while pressing certain buttons to go into a special menu where you can specify to perform the upgrade.

We’ve already written about what the Windows Phone update contains, as well as what is included in Android 2.3, so check those links to learn what these upgrades are all about. Android 2.3.3 is supposed to fix the random reboot issue on the Nexus S and adds more features to Near Field Communication, but it also removes the Facebook contacts integration currently available with all other Android phones. Apparently, the Facebook app does not follow Google’s requirements for integration with contacts. My understanding is that Facebook-only contacts will disappear from the Nexus S after the 2.3.3 upgrade is installed.