Three New Zune HD Apps

Because all of the attention has been on Windows Phone, the Zune has been a little over looked, but Microsoft appears to continue developing apps for the media player. Today Microsoft released three free apps for the Zune HD that include:

– Shuffle By Album that randomly sorts all of the albums on the player and then plays the songs in the order that they appear in the albums.

– Zune Reader is an eBook reader app for the Zune. I assume this is for reading free, public domain books as I don’t think Microsoft has a book store for the Zune. Given the Zune HD’s small screen, I am not sure how comfortable it will be for reading books.

– Penalty! Flick Soccer is a soccer game for the Zune, conceptually based on the World Cup. You don’t play a full game of soccer, instead you control penalty shots.

Each of these apps are available for free in the Zune Marketplace.