Three More Seasons of Mad Men

The tense negotiations between AMC, Lionsgate, and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner have had fans cringing of late, but there is finally some good news to report. There will be three more seasons of the show and Weiner will remain as producer. The bad news is that AMC had decreed the show won’t return till March of 2012. That’s 17 months off the air. If you ever needed a reason to loathe greedy, overpaid television executives, here it is.

Weiner successfully fought against drastic cost cutting measures, including cutting characters and lowering production value, but he did make some compromises. Two minutes are being shaved off of all but the first and last episodes so that AMC can sell more commercials.

The new deal scores Weiner a paycheck of $10 million per year, but in an interview with Deadline Hollywood, he insisted the fight with the studio was about creative integrity:

It’s never been about money. I wanted to do the show I wanted to do and the show the audience has come to expect.

Weiner will return to work today.