Three From Zynga on This Week’s List of Fastest Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU

Zynga holds the top spots on this week’s list of top-gaining Facebook apps by daily active users with three of its games, outweighing everything else with what are relatively small gains in terms of its overall user numbers.

Interestingly enough, Zynga also took the two top spots on our top Pages list yesterday, for Texas Hold’em Poker and Mafia Wars. Along with FarmVille and PetVille, the top two below, those games are part of what’s becoming a dependable core for Zynga, while some of its smaller properties shrink.

Much of the rest of the list is also filled with games; as usual, we discuss them more over at Inside Social Games. Here’s the rest of our AppData top 20:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon FarmVille31,620,643+1,134,429+3.72
2.icon PetVille5,828,407+929,667+18.98
3.icon Texas HoldEm Poker7,009,693+490,812+7.53
4.icon Zoo Paradise574,505+460,385+403.42
5.icon Facebook for iPhone15,565,775+371,685+2.45
6.icon Zoo World2,383,368+333,692+16.28
7.icon Hotel City357,902+315,935+752.82
8.icon Causes1,587,478+258,984+19.49
9.icon YoVille2,178,567+225,570+11.55
10.icon Who is following you ?2,089,271+161,733+8.39
11.icon Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos]309,669+143,233+86.06
12.icon Bubble Island1,019,306+137,181+15.55
13.icon Mobile7,529,708+129,274+1.75
14.icon Ameba Pico135,612+114,427+540.13
15.icon Tiki Resort822,493+111,343+15.66
16.icon Family Feud127,812+103,425+424.10
17.icon Ninja Saga905,202+91,387+11.23
18.icon Country Life3,125,005+85,044+2.80
19.icon Sorority Life932,140+76,740+8.97
20.icon Your Luck [daily]387,869+72,806+23.11

Facebook for iPhone has been gaining between three and four hundred thousand new DAU each week; it appears here more reliably than Mobile, which is number 13 this week, and Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones, which was, oddly enough, number 13 last week.

Causes is probably experiencing a temporary blip, at best; over the month its DAU is down. The next non-game app, Who is following you ?, is more interesting. This is a social graphing app that asks its users to let it make a daily wall post, which is probably the source of its fairly good DAU numbers; 16 percent of its users return daily.

Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos] is a Spanish-language friend quiz that is also enjoying solid DAU as a percentage of monthly active users, at 21 percent. Facebook’s platform policies have been tough on this sort of quiz lately, but it’s possible the platform’s enforcement team doesn’t keep as close an eye on foreign-language apps.

Finally, the 80’s throwback Family Feud is doing pretty well, as we pointed out in our review last week. Although based on a game show, it’s not categorized as a game, and is run more like a graphics-heavy quiz.