Three Career Superstitions for Friday the 13th

Ooh, it’s Friday the 13th! And in that spirit, let’s talk about superstitions.

The New York Post recently reported U.S. Open tennis champion Rafael Nadal ate the same exact meal every night at Tao in midtown Manhattan. Other athletes followed their own superstitions as well. Apparently, Michael Jordan wore the same University of North Carolina shorts under his uniform during every game he played.

According to CareerBliss, athletes aren’t the only superstitious folks. Job seekers have several rituals and lucky charms, too.

1. Sleep with a glass of water under your bed. A friend told her job seeking friend to sleep with this under her bed. She did it twice and guess what? Both times she got the job.

2. Wear a red suit to interviews. After all, red’s a power color. Author Mary Greenwood got a job after wearing one and so now she always wears one. Per the piece she revealed, “I read that red is a power color and it makes me feel confident. That original red suit is long gone, but I always wear a replacement red suit.”

3. Never tell anyone about a new job until it’s a sure thing. Why jinx it? Wait until you have your first check in your bank account or at least get the offer letter/contract fully signed.

Superstitions aside, there’s really no added benefit to start talking excitedly about premature announcements. Think of it this way, if you officially land the job, you’ve already spilled the beans so excitement may be diminished. And if you don’t get the gig, you’re stuck having to tell everyone it fell through.