Three Apps to Expand Your Network & Rock Your World

Ah, apps. We live in a day and age were we certainly can’t live without ’em once we discover good ones. T he following list is no exception.

According to our friends at Brazen Careerist, there are a few apps that can expand your network, help host effective calls and manage post-meeting work.

1. Rapportive. Google schmoogle. Seriously. This app helps you learn about someone from the comfort of your Gmail inbox. Instead of searching on Google, when you hover over an email and the contact’s photo, all sorts of goodness emerges. That is, the person’s most recent tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and more appears in the sidebar. As for the details, Rapportive is free! It’s an add-on perk available for Chrome, Firefox as well as Safari. 

2. Speek. This tool is particularly helpful if you’re looking for a phone number and PIN and join a conference call a bit late or not at all. Speek is a free conference call platform whereby users select a unique and personal url instead of an old-fashioned phone number and lengthy PIN.

Plus, during the call itself, Speek allows users to have a visual experience — you can see who’s on the call and who’s talking. It also gives the opportunity to share files and have access to mute participants. This tool links to LinkedIn and Twitter — a benefit to connect with callers with social media profiles.

3. Contactually. This is just what you think it is — maintaining contacts and nurturing them. As pointed out in the Brazen Careerist piece, Contactually helps users manage interactions with various relationships like following up after a lunch meeting and keeping leads warm. This could be particularly helpful for freelancers and sales folks who are constantly doing the hustle.

Here’s how it works: Every day users get a list of people to reach out to and track in a personalized dashboard. Not only is it an organizational tool, it could really keep that fire lit when it comes to keeping the networking and business development in full on sales mode.