Three Android & iPhone Apps to Get Around AT&T’s $20 Per Month Text Messaging Plan

Google Voice messaging.
AT&T Wireless currently has two text messaging plans.

1. $10 per month gets you 1,000 messages.
2. $20 per month gets you unlimited messages.

Guess which option is going to disappear in a few days?

AT&T streamlining individual messaging plans August 21st, leaving unlimited as the sole survivor (Engadget)

So, what if you don’t want to pay $20 per month for unlimited messaging. AT&T has a per message plan that costs 20 cents per message (1,000 messages = $200).

There are three free alternatives for both Android and iPhone. However, they all involve a bit of retraining your messaging contacts.

1. Google Voice is tired to a Gmail account. Apps are available for both Android and iPhone that lets you send and receive unlimited text messages for free. You can also send and receive text messages on a desktop using the Google Voice web interface.

2. Google+ Huddle is a messaging option in the Google+ apps for Android and iPhone. Messages can be sent to Google+ accounts as well as mobile phones. Huddle does not, however, have a desktop interface. It supports group messaging.

3. Facebook Messenger supports all of Facebook’s usual messaging options and adds the ability to send messages to phones as text messages. Like Google+ Huddle, it supports group messaging.

All three services are free.

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