Thred: Will Wright’s Content Sharing Platform Launches on iOS

The app allows users to create and share multi-image stories with others the app, or with the world.


Will Wright, legendary game designer and creator of The Sims and SimCity, has developed a content and photo-sharing platform for iOS called Thred, which has the goal of allowing users to share “visual ideas with friends.” In short, this sees users creating and sharing multi-image stories, or threds, which support links, captions, stickers, filters and geographical tags.

ThredWith Thred, users can create stories by searching the web for images, or using those on their camera roll. Stories can have specific themes, like one’s pets or vacation destinations, or contain a random assortment of images.

If they’d like, users can enter captions that rest on top of each panel in the series (like a comic book), or overlay pictures with filters and stickers, in any combination. The point here isn’t to focus on stock templates, but to give users freedom to share content the way they’d like.

Once users have created their panel(s), they can add a final overall description, as well as hashtags, before sharing out to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Outside of posting their own content, users can post likes or comments on public stories, follow other users or bookmark stories for easy future browsing. As users begin expanding their in-app social circle, they can browse new content on their personalized feed, or swap the view to featured stories or the most recent overall uploads.

In a statement, Will Wright, founder and CEO of Thred, commented on the app:

Thred is a direct evolution of my interests in crowdsourcing, online communities and tools that amplify the imagination. In recent years, I’ve been drawn more and more to new entertainment forms – ones that lead the user to become more engaged with the world around them, rather than withdrawn from it.

Thred is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Thred is backed by funding from numerous investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Mayfield Fund, Betaworks and John Riccitiello.