Threat to Leak Nude Emma Watson Pics Was an Agency Hoax

Oh boy. Turns out that the much-reported “threat” by an anonymous party to leak nude pictures of Emma Watson just as her #HeForShe campaign goes viral was a big hoax.

While the responsible party — the “viral marketing agency” Rantic, named and shamed by The Drum this morning — claims that the point of the stunt was to take down 4Chan, infamous distributor of stolen images, it looks a whole lot like an exercise in tasteless self-promotion.

There was a leak countdown, a “letter” to President Obama, and some cryptic tweets. We didn’t really pay attention because come on, guys: did you really need to sink so low?

Oh, alright then. They’re so proud of their work, too.

Here’s a homepage screenshot:

Oh God this sucks

Not creepy at all! The idea is that they are trying to stop the trolls at 4Chan from threatening famous women by…threatening famous women. But it was all even faker than the three-breasted lady, so it was harmless!

Would you recommend this agency to anyone?

UPDATE: We don’t really care whether this “agency” is real or not. The people who organized the stunt should be ashamed of themselves.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.