Threadless’s Facebook Page Makes Shopping More Social

Retail e-commerce is beginning to happen within Facebook Pages. Take for example, and how the company recently set up shop inside of its Facebook Page. Now, t-shirt crowdsourcing company Threadless has also integrated shopping in its Facebook Page, and it’s a better example of how retailers can make shopping more social.


Once you click on the New Tees! tab on the Threadless Facebook Page, you’ll be able to browse the week’s new items. For each tee, you can post a comment, which is then published to your Wall and the News Feed if you so choose. If you don’t want to post a comment, but want to let you friends know about a tee, you can share it, publishing it to your Wall and the News Feed.

What’s nice about these social features is that you can share your shopping experience with your Facebook friends without giving away information on your exact purchases. However, Threadless could still improve by making sure that stories generated have engaging content that will pique the interest of friends. Note that the two stories below are rather bare:

Story generated after commenting on a tee:


Story generated after sharing a tee:


Fans can add items to their cart directly within the Threadless Facebook Page. After choosing your size and clicking “Add to cart,” you’re then directed to where you can review your order or return to the Facebook Page and continue shopping. Notice that this check-out experience is different from 1-800-FLOWERS, which allows fans to check-out without ever leaving the Facebook Page. In addition to adding items to your cart, clicking on a T-shirt image and scoring tee designs also take you away from the page to the site.

People share shopping-related content with their friends on Facebook all the time. The key to building a successful e-commerce presence inside Facebook is finding the right balance between encouraging sales and social sharing.