Now Showing: Threaded Comments for Multiple Posts of the Same Link from Different Facebook Friends

Facebook has introduced threaded comments for news feed stories showing multiple friends who share the same link — along with the associated Likes and comments. This type of feed story first lists which friends shared a link, the preview of that link’s content, then separately shows the context, comments and likes of each original posting of the link. Users can see who’s context is most provocative or who has the most active network by comparing the likes and comments of different friends’ posts of the same link.

In this screencap, Manas, Vivek, and Jayesh have all posted the same link. Below the link’s preview, the likes and comments for each of their individual posts are listed. At the bottom, you can see Jayesh said the video reminded him of a warm memory of his friend. This sentimental context got 4 likes, while Vivek’s more cynical context got no likes.

Threaded comments for multiple posting of the same link, and the aggregated birthday wall post feed story we covered Monday, are new ways Facebook is helping users stay aware of trends in their network. Showing separate feed stories wouldn’t illuminate the full impact of a link or the full out-pour of appreciation for a birthday girl or boy. If this type of story aggregation got more sophisticated, users could see posts of different links about the same topic brought together to show different perspectives about one important world event.

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