Facebook Ads Can Now Do Local Targeting for Thousands More Cities

In its latest move to expand its performance advertising program, Facebook is offering what it tells us is “thousands” of new cities in its self-serve advertising tool, meaning advertisers can more narrowly target users across the United States and around the world. From social game developers to the various large and small businesses already using the service, the information could help them boost their returns on investment.

Facebook isn’t giving a full list of which cities have been added, but you can check out the cities in your area here for yourself. We’ve been covering how these ads can be particularly valuable for local businesses who only need to reach people in their area. We expect this update to be especially valuable for them.

The change may not seem that big. But in our recent analysis of Facebook’s revenues for 2009 and 2010, we reported that local advertising is a significant way that Facebook is making money already, and one of the most promising areas for it to expand. Improving targeting for local ads should have a meaningful effect.

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