Thoughts on Rimmer and All He Stands For


A great essay over at Industrial Brand Creative by Mark Busse, “Remembering Our Graphic Design Elders.” It’s half coverage of Rimmerfest back in November, a celebration for the life’s work of typography great, Jim Rimmer, and half a musing about the loss of tradition, history, and craftsmanship. If you read one thing today, this should be it. Here’s a little from the intro:

I’ve called myself a Communication Designer for a while now, but as I sat in that audience listening, I was more than slightly overwhelmed with the realization of how little I really know about the history of my own profession. Or perhaps more accurately how much I’d forgotten and failed to honour. Even with training and years in the graphic arts field, I felt like I had failed to properly remember and pay respect to the early innovators of graphic design that paved the way for me.