Thoughts on Obsolescence (that’s $10, Alissa, for using the word of the day)


It’s as though AdAge read our post from yesterday about specialization vs. generalists, and by direct relation, big vs. small, because today’s interesting editorial by executive editor, Jonah Bloom, responding to a Creativity Magazine-sponsored talk between Alex Bogusky and Lee Clow, about the future of the big shops. Really interesting, advertising-related or otherwise, because it has everything to do with how making pretty things for money works. Here’s a bit from “Thoughts on Obsolete Business Models”:

It’s not easily measurable, yet weaving brands into culture in such a way that we no longer know where art finishes and commerce begins can occasionally yield brilliant brand results — and would differentiate an ad shop from its media, direct and interactive siblings, which are better prepared for the one-to-one, transaction-focused ad world.