Thoughts On Innovation, By Google

Ah, Google Wave. Remember that failure? So bad that Google’s actually pulling the plug at the end of 2011. Usually the search giant just lets failures fade into obscurity (and then pulls the plug on them years later after a dedicated core group has just gotten used to using them–but that’s another story. I’m looking at you, Labs).

But at any rate, Google, one of the most successful tech companies in the world, has a lot of failures. More than a third of their product launches fail, according to The Next Web.

Out of 251 Google projects or add-ons since 1999, 90 have been canceled. Out of 22 major product launches, eight have been huge flops.

“Google is in the business of failure, and it’s quite possible that if it weren’t for these 8 fails, the other 14 wouldn’t have came to be,” writes The Next Web.

Thought for the day: can you name a media organization that is willing to fail 36% of the time?