Thoughts Around Me, Anonymous Messaging App, Launches on iOS

The Thoughts Around Me app allows users to post comments to their current location, and chat with others nearby, or around the world.

London-based app development studio Mana has announced the official release of its anonymous, location-based messaging app, Thoughts Around Me. The social network allows users to post messages and pictures to their current location, and chat with others anonymously.

As an anonymous messaging app, users can begin posting immediately after downloading Thoughts Around Me, with no account sign-ups or identifiable information required to begin.

Thoughts Around Me supports sharing text, photos and animated GIFs. Users can up or down-vote each piece of shared content by swiping right or left on each post, respectively, while tapping on a post allows users to view and post comments. When commenting, users can toggle a ‘secret’ button, which hides the comment from everyone except the original poster.

The app’s default feed shows content posted near the user, while two additional tabs allow users to view new content and trending content, regardless of location. The app also includes a map, so users can browse for posts in any location around the world.

Thoughts Around Me

As users post thoughts or comments, they can track these threads in the ‘My TAM’ portion of the app. Even if they haven’t commented, users can subscribe to posts to receive notifications when new content is available.

In a statement, Mahdi Yahya, co-founder of Mana, commented:

Everywhere you look, our freedoms are being eroded. Our data is being mined and we’re being constantly tracked. This means we’re more and more frightened to express our true thoughts and ideas online. And this can be a real problem for many people who are going through personal trauma or trying to make sense of their world. I believe the only way we can fight back is to create more anonymous spaces online where people can talk to each other safely.

Anonymity gives people back control over their thoughts and encourages free speech. In many places in the world, especially right now in the Middle East, anonymity provides the only way for people to share thoughts about their situation free from fear. We’ve found that if you give people a place they feel safe, they will allow their ideas to grow and most importantly begin to trust others and accept their support.

Thoughts Around Me is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.