Thomson Reuters Planning Huge Expansion in Canada

Initiative will more than double current Canadian employee total.

Here’s a press release headline you don’t see every day. And had the #TrumpTapes not leaked Friday, a lot more people would likely be talking about it. The headline reads: “New Thomson Reuters Toronto Technology Centre to Create 1,500 Jobs in Canada.”

The 1,500 number is long-term. Short-term, the job-creation is still staggering: 400 jobs over the next two years. New York Times Ottawa-based correspondent Ian Austen notes in his report that the Thomson Reuters expansion is part of a burgeoning business trend:

The announcement comes after a decision by General Motors in June to create as many as 1,000 technology positions in Canada, mostly in the Toronto area. Those new employees will focus on several technologies, including self driving vehicles.

Both companies said they were partly attracted to Canada’s largest city because of the software skills of graduates from Ontario universities, notably the University of Waterloo. Immigration laws also make it easier for companies to import skilled workers to Canada compared with the United States.

In support of the so-called Toronto Technology Center, both CEO Jim Smith and CFO Stephane Bello will be relocating to Toronto in 2017. Per Austen, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed at a related press conference that no government assistance was provided to Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters currently has 1,200 employees based in Canada, some of whom work at the Thomson Reuters LabsTM, established in the Kitchener-Waterloo area in 2015. The company also in September added a new customer center to its downtown Toronto offices.