Thom Mayne Talks Music with KCRW

It’s always nice when you get to break away from the standard “here’s my work and here’s a little story about my youth to explain why I am blessed with such brilliance” when it comes to famous designers or starchitects. Sometimes it’s just nice to see them as real people (even though we suspect they all wear unmentionables cast in solid gold).  So it is with resident starchitect Thom Mayne, who was recently invited onto Tom Schnabel‘s KCRW radio show to play DJ by selecting five songs and then talking about why he made his picks. Have you ever wanted to hear Thom Mayne talk about Prince or Stevie Ray Vaughn?  Well here’s your chance. And can he somehow tie it all back into his work? Well, of course. The guy’s a pro.

I was speaking at the Cooper Union a year ago, with Phillip Glass, discussing parallels having to do with rhythm and I was showing drawings of works that had to do with complicated, multiple rhythms. There’s actually times when I was drawing, closing my eyes, when I have a sketch book where I was moving my hand rhythmically and shaping it and literally trying to shape drawings that were coming directly from various types of music.