This Week’s Top 20 Fastest Growing Facebook Apps

Now that school is out, what’s growing on the Facebook Platform?

Here’s a look at this week’s Top 20 fastest growing applications on Facebook from AppData amongst applications between 1 million and 10 million monthly active users.

Name MAU Gain Gain, % Developer
2.My Polls3,038,017+776,361+34.3It’s complicated
3.Farm Town9,197,631+715,502+8.4Slashkey
4.Barn Buddy1,948,971+664,385+51.7TheBroth, Inc.
5.Restaurant City5,211,060+626,901+13.7Playfish
6.All About Me1,222,298+625,892+104.9Lih Chen
7.When will you DIE?1,398,828+606,714+76.6Kyrah Abad
8.MindJolt Games7,652,207+600,276+8.5MindJolt
10.Do you really know me?1,138,921+507,349+80.3How well do you know me
12.Pillow Fight2,242,228+450,520+25.1Shikha
14.Bejeweled Blitz4,120,033+438,207+11.9Popcap Games
16.Mon Coeurs1,198,052+360,653+43.1Coeurs
17.Cities I’ve Visited1,917,483+355,744+22.8TripAdvisor
18.what are you born to do?2,612,943+346,967+15.3Born
19.What is the theme song of ur life???2,485,688+341,637+15.9
20.Daily Horoscope3,725,878+328,981+9.76 waves

Coming in #1 is Likeness, an app developed by RockYou! that allows users to compare themselves with friends and celebrities to see who they are most like. In the Top 5, three of the apps are new social games that center around building deep in-game engagement with your friends: Farm Town fom Slashkey at #3, Barn Buddy from TheBroth at #4, and Restaurant City from Playfish in #5.

Likeness, Barn Buddy, All About Me, When will you DIE?, and Do you really know me? have all grown by over 50% this week alone. All About Me’s weekly growth has been particularly noticeable – going from virtually no users to over 1.2 million monthly users in the last eight days. Developed by Lih Chen, the app is one of the many simple quiz apps that we’ve seen take off in recent weeks.

All About Me’s growth in the last month:

Other apps in this week’s Top 20 include those in education (CourseFeed), travel (Cities I’ve Visited), and virtual worlds (YoVille). With the first batch of 120 verified apps, it’s an exciting time for apps to observe how increased visibility could affect rankings on the audience leaderboards.