This Week’s “Reliable Sources”


    HOWARD KURTZ, HOST (voice-over): Extreme makeovers. Sarah Palin mounts a doggone media blitz trying to repair her tattered image. Did Matt, Wolf, Greta and Larry pin her down? And did that home cooking help neutralize help unnamed Republican sources, the ones she calls jerks, who have been sliming her?

    Madame Secretary? Should journalists have floated that trial balloon that Hillary is being considered to run the State Department?

    Obamamania. From the covers to the hip-hop music to Michelle as a fashion icon, are the media getting swept away by the new first family?

    Plus, bait and switch. With the market tanking and General Motors on the brink, are journalists holding administration officials accountable for completely and totally changing the bailout program they sold to us as the only way out of the crisis?</UL.

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