This Week’s “Reliable Sources”


    HOWARD KURTZ, HOST (voice over): Anchor overboard. Katie Couric will likely give up the CBS anchor job now that her bosses have soured on her struggling broadcast.

    Why did “The Today Show” superstar flame out in the chair once held by Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Bob Schieffer? Was she simply miscast in the role? And is her gender a factor?

    Backlash. Bill Clinton mangles the facts in defending his wife, and Barack Obama sparks a furor with harsh sounding words about small town Pennsylvanians taped by a blogger. But are journalists are going overboard on these routine slipups?

    Plus, sex and the self-made star. How did Julia Allison become a Manhattan media phenomenon, and why is the “Star” magazine editor so mercilessly mocked?

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