This Week’s Reliable Sources

On yesterday’s “Reliable Sources,” Howard Kurtz spoke with Tony Snow, discussed coverage of the House Ethics Committee report on the Mark Foley scandal and the Iraq Study Group. Joining him were liberal talk radio show hosts Rachel Maddow of Air America and Bill Press of Sirius Satellite Radio.

A full transcript when you click here.

One notable gem:

    KURTZ: But in this case, it seems like you’re challenging the reporter’s motivation.

    SNOW: Well…

    KURTZ: Do you think David Gregory is an honest reporter?

    SNOW: Yes, David is — very often, I think David works very hard to be fair. And I’ve said that to him. But it is certainly worthwhile to question motivations — or not the motivations, the assumptions of a question. And then I proceeded to say, “OK, let’s take a look.”