This Week’s “Reliable Sources”

From CNN:

    HOWARD KURTZ, HOST (voice over): Challenging the war. As media accounts are filled with bad news for Bush on Iraq, on al Qaeda, on dwindling Republican support for the president, have journalists openly turned against this war?

    Bikini journalism. A Chicago TV reporter fired for visiting a man whose wife disappeared during a divorce battle. In a bathing suit, no less. Is that any way to develop a source?

    The senator and the madam. Why did “Hustler” publisher Larry Flynt expose Republican David Vitter for dialing the D.C. madam’s escort service? We’ll ask him.

    Televised smackdown. Michael Moore takes on Wolf Blitzer and Sanjay Gupta.

    Plus, how did the 2008 campaign degenerate into a media debate over trophy wives?

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