This Week's Most Explosive Facebook Applications

Valentines Day hearts, a few games that make the hours fly by, and even applications for meeting new friends all show up in this week's explosive list.

Valentine’s Day hearts, a few games that make the hours fly by, and even applications for meeting new friends all show up in this week’s explosive list. These apps have all seen immense weekly growth totals, and are expected to continue to grow in popularity in the coming weeks. Check out the list below, and if you want to see more numbers, have a look at our application statistics.

This Week’s Most Explosive Applications Leaderboard

NameDAUMAUDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. BandooChat130,3642,642,34476,845553,847
2. Who Was Your Valentine In 2011102,4911,696,43569,035417,144
3. Onedate360,0452,514,64653,736413,721
4. Tik Tac Toe105,227940,74060,177409,136
5. Friend For Life56,889716,81955,265390,215
6. Friends Character42,1931,142,09533,045375,977
7. Paradise Life406,6772,672,60229,940266,987
8. xo Hearts xo152,948717,819113,644251,594
9. Super Mario Brothers Classic103,109248,63381,437239,113
10. Glory of Rome97,578811,76240,370236,292

Some 553,847 Facebook users started chatting with friends and strangers from around the globe using the application BandooChat. The way it works: Connect your camera, or just message friends, using the online list located on the right side of the application.

Not surprisingly, Who Was Your Valentine 2011 had a fantastic week leading up to the romance holiday with an increase of 417,144 users. Along a similar theme of love, Developer Crownstone LLC Lugano’s Onedate 413,721 new people just last week the opportunity to get aquatinted with other local area singles.

I admit that before I could start writing this article, it took me ten minutes to peel myself away from Neon Inc’s Tik Tac Toe. I was among the 409,136 new players who got hooked in the past seven days.

Friend For Life had 390,215 people searching and customizing the perfect gift to send out to loved ones across the social network. And Friends Character saw 375,977 new users since last Tuesday. Xo Hearts Xo was a popular choice this week, as 251,594 Facebook friends exchanged expressions of love.

A second classic game to make the list this week is Super Mario Classic; the nostalgic game brought back memories for 239,113 gamers. And Kabam’s Glory of Rome rounds out our list as the ancient game takes you back in time to build your own empire, welcoming an additional 236,292 players last week.