This Weekend at LAFF: Drive Premiere and Attempts at Schmoozing

Drive made its much-hyped debut over the weekend at the LA Film Festival and this Fishie was on site to check out premiere. (Unfortunately, he’s not much of a photographer, so the above LA Times interview will have to suffice for visual imagery in lieu of his horrible, poorly lit photos.) Interesting factoid: Ron Pearlman’s head is as big in person as you might expect. And so are his teeth. Another pleasant surprise: Christina Hendricks’ widely publicized “full figure” is not mere media hyperbole. It is, in fact, the real deal.

Aside from gawking at celebrities, this Fishie managed to glean a small bit of advice from Drive’s Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn: “If you want to make the kind of films I make in Hollywood, the trick is to stay quiet, smile and nod a lot.”

As for the rest of the fest, this Fishie isn’t much of a schmoozer, but he did run into Slake editor and LAFF documentary judge Laurie Ochoa, on her way to check out Unraveled. She had already had a full day covering LA’s ongoing “theaterpalooza” for and did not look prepared for the army of publicists who swamped her upon arrival. We finally learned why publicists make so much more money than journalists do. They are some well-prepared individuals. They even knew who we were.

We also had a drink with documentarian Anayansi Prado, whose film Paraiso For Sale debuted Saturday and is garnering some nice reviews. Her film, incidentally, is showing late this afternoon if you missed the premier and happen to be in Downtown LA.