This Week In Viral Videos – In-Flight Dancing, Homeless Muppets and Treadmill FAIL

Happy Friday viral video fans. As usual, we’ve got some great videos to get you ready for the weekend. This week’s picks include an in-flight safety dance, a homeless Muppet act, a “revealing” music video, Obama’s funny side, and one of the best treadmill FAIL videos to date. Enjoy!

Cebu Pacific Airlines

Earlier this week we wrote about a flight attendant safety dance on Cebo Pacific Airlines that got 5 million views in a mere 5 days. The video has continued to spread throughout the week and now has a whopping 8 million views! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below.

Homeless Man Under Pressure

Earlier this week we also covered the story of a “homeless man” who used YouTube as a platform to spread awareness about homelessness with two Kermit the Frog puppets singing ‘Under Pressure’. Turns out it was actually just a performance piece and the guy isn’t really homeless. But it spread awareness just the same, with over 689,000 views so far.


What do you get when you pair up a great song with tons of boobs, a bird lighting someone’s cigarette, a woman rubbing raw egg all over her face, a man in bed with chickens and a guy eating soup off a woman’s head? Great viral video potential! Musician El Guincho partnered up with cinematographer Marc Gomez Del Moral to make this video, which has been viewed on Vimeo over 700,000 times in only a couple of weeks.

‘You Know Who I Am’: Obama’s Presidential Seal Falls

It’s good to know that Presidents can still have a sense of humor. In this clip the Presidential Seal falls from the podium in the middle of Obama’s speech and he makes a Presidential funny. “That’s alright,” he says. “All of you know who I am.”

Treadmill FAIL

Treadmill Videos are incredibly popular on YouTube, whether people are dancing on them or falling off them. A new treadmill FAIL hit the YouTube streams a couple of days ago and already has nearly 500,000 views. Ouch. Looks like that hurt.