This Week In Viral Videos – Harry Potter, 50 Cent & A Cat Riding A Turtle

This week our selection of the best viral videos includes the world's biggest Harry Potter Fan, two totally strange lip syncing performances, two awesome cats and the best CGI you've ever seen. Enjoy!

Friday is here at last and you’re probably revving up to go see Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, to jump in a great big pile of leaves, or go out to buy a massive turkey for next Thursday. No matter what you’re plans are, we’ve got a great selection of videos to put a smile on your face and get your ready for the weekend. This week our selection includes the world’s biggest Harry Potter Fan, two totally strange lip syncing performances, two awesome cats and the best CGI you’ve ever seen. Enjoy!

World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan

In honor of the release of part one of the seventh and final Harry Potter movie we had to share this video of the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan with you. This guy is not only Harry Potter’s biggest fan, he actually calls himself “Harry Potter Himself”. He even wore dress robes to Prom!

“Down On Me” – Keenan Cahill Performs with 50 Cent

Keenan Cahill has made a name for himself on YouTube lip syncing and singing and dancing to popular music. This week he had the amazing opportunity to perform ‘Down On Me’ with 50 Cent himself and the video has been viewed over 7.4 million times! 50 Cent enters the party at 1:24.

Club Can’t Handle Me (Indian Style)

If you like Keenan Cahill then you should check out Bengaliwonder. Here he is singing ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’. Watch the whole thing and your jaw will continue to drop lower and lower. Note 0:55 where it sounds like he’s saying “Want to marry another goat” and 2:23 where he starts lotioning up. Um…huh?

Cat & Gator

This is the most hardcore cat I’ve ever seen in my life. He takes on not one, but TWO gators! Like it? Check out the video on CNN with play-by-play commentary!

They See Me Rollin’ (Original)

Thought that cat was cool? Check out this kitten and his awesome turtle ride. “They see me rollin, they hatin’! Controllin’ and tryin’ to catch me ridin’ turtle!”

Silestone – ‘Above Everything Else’

And when I saw this final video I just had to share it! The entire video is CGI – it’s computer generated in its entirety. I couldn’t believe my eyes!