This Week In Viral Videos – July 2, 2010

Friday is here, and with it our top picks for the best viral videos of the week. This week’s selection includes an insulting montage, a grandpa with some killer dance moves, some Java love, the World Cup and a brand new clip from “the man your man could smell like”. Each and every one of these videos is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Check them out after the jump.

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Earlier this week a new montage of the 100 greatest movie insults of all time hit YouTube. The ten-minute long clip features insults from all sorts of classic movies, including Roxanne, A Clockwork Orange, Toy Story, Casablanca, Star Wars, Scarface, Blazing Saddles and more. Just bear in mind before you start blasting this clip at the office that the language in some of the insults is a little NSFW.

Old Spice | Questions

The man your man could smell like is back with a new Old Spice commercial, which has already garnered over 1.2 million views since it was uploaded a few days ago. He’s not on a horse in this clip, but he does walk on water, build a dream kitchen with his own hands and do an amazing swan dive into a Jacuzzi.

The World’s Reaction to Landon Donovan’s Game Winning Goal

It’s over for the USA at the World Cup, but before the team’s loss against Ghana, USA soccer fans celebrated when Landon Donovan scored a winning goal against Algeria in the first minute of stoppage time. This video clip showing excited reactions to the goal all over the United States and in other parts of the world has been going massively viral over the past week, with over 2.5 million views so far.

JavaZone Trailer – Java 4-ever

JavaZone’s Java 4-ever trailer is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a long time. The clip is a trailer for an imaginary film, created to promote the JavaZone conference in Scandinavia. The film tells the story of a boy who goes against his family’s wishes and uses Java instead of .NET. It’s pretty amusing, so check out the video below and get ready to chuckle.

Grandpa Lady Gaga Dance

Earlier this week we posted a list of the top 10 dancing grandparent videos on YouTube, inspired by a video of a grandpa dancing to Lady Gaga that has been going viral this week. The video has over 712,000 views so far. I wish I could move like this grandpa!