This Week In Social Games – April 30, 2010

This week, we posted a series of Social Gaming Summit previews including a list of the Top 5 Social Games for Hardcore Gamers and an interview with David Fox who helped create the Family Feud game with iWin. We also saw two major gaming companies enter into social gaming, with Lucasarts licensing The Secret of Monkey Island for Facebook and Square-Enix announcing they would be entering the space. Finally, Google acquired PixieLabs game company and Playdom made another acquisition with Merscom. Read on for more information!

The Social Gaming Summit is next week and registration is closing soon. We’ve had a great response so far and really think it will be an exciting event for anybody interested in social games, or gaming at all. Come out!

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Lucasarts’ The Secret of Monkey Island Comes to Facebook

Lucasarts’ classic The Secret of Monkey Island game has been released on Facebook, and marks the first point-and-click adventure to make the jump. This is a huge step forward for Facebook gaming and is undoubtedly a sign of things to come. Classic text-based and point-and-click adventures are a great match with the new generation of casual Facebook game players, and represent a slightly deeper experience for these new game players that are looking for something more.

Social Gaming Summit Preview: Top 5 Social Games for Hardcore Gamers

At this year’s Social Gaming Summit, Jim Greer from Kongregate and Andrew Busey from Challenge Games will be hosting a session entitled “Social Games for Hardcore Gamers“. This is a vital topic in today’s gaming world as hardcore game designers attempt to connect with a market that has been overlooked by the more casual social games on Facebook. To whet your appetite for the session, I have compiled a list of hardcore-friendly social games that are playable on Facebook.

Final Fantasy On Facebook? Square Enix Announces Social Games Plans

A recent interview in Famitsu game magazine, a Square Enix producer confirmed that he’s working on several social games for social networking sites. He didn’t indicate which games or social networks are involved in the projects, but hinted at their social networking game strategy being similar to their iPhone strategy, which means there may be “basic ports of Final Fantasy”.

Google Acquires Web Game Developers LabPixies

Google announced today that they have acquired casual games developers LabPixies, who make games for Facebook, MySpace and the iPhone. The company is based in Israel and the acquisition is rumored to have cost Google $25 million. LabPixies has worked closely with Google on creating iGoogle games and gadgets, and this acquisition is also meant to strengthen the development power of Google’s Tel Aviv offices.

Social Gaming Summit Preview: David Fox Discusses Family Feud on Facebook

Playdom Hopes For NBC Universal Games with Merscom Acquisition

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