This Week In Social Games – March 20, 2010

This week we saw Playfish release a new game, Yahoo acquire a popular social fantasy sports company called Citizen Sports, a report from GDC about bootstrapping your social gaming startup, a review of Playdom’s Social City, and a podcast with Donna Powell, the founder of NeoPets and Meteor Games. Read on for the links!

Podcast Friday: Interview with Donna Powell, Co-Founder of NeoPets and Meteor Games

For today’s Podcast Friday, we sat down with Donna Powell, one of the co-founders of Neopets who has now helped found social gaming company Meteor Games.

Progress Wars Game Makes Fun Of Addictive Social Games

If you’ve ever been addicted to a social game that involves gaining levels by repeatedly clicking on “finish quest” buttons, you’ve got to try Progress Wars.

Kirstie Alley Is The First Celebrity Cameo In A Facebook Game

Kirstie Alley, the very public and notoriously inconsistent dieter, has made a cameo appearance in the Zoo World Facebook game.

Playfish’s New Game, Hotel City, Goes Live on Facebook

Playfish has launched it’s newest game, Hotel City, on Facebook.

Yahoo Acquires Facebook Fantasy Sports Game-Makers Citizen Sports

Yahoo today announced that they are acquiring Citizen Sports, a company that creates fantasy sports leagues for Facebook, iPhone, Android and other devices.

Game Review: Music Pets Adds Harmony to the Pet Game Genre

What has large cuddly pandas, New York rock n’ roll, virtual coins and talking squirrels?

Games Developer MetroGames Secures $5 Million From Playdom

MetroGames, an Argentenian social games developer, has just secured a $5 million round of series A funding from social games developer Playdom.

7 Tips For Bootstrapping Your Social Gaming Startup

If you have or are planning to get into social game development on a tiny budget, you need to get financially creative and learn to bootstrap.

EA’s Saboteur Facebook Game Promotes More Than Entertains

EA is promoting Saboteur, one of their newest console titles, by creating a Facebook quiz application that involves videos and content from the game.

Game Review: More “City” and Less “Social” In Playdom’s Social City

Just as farming games like (Lil) Green Patch, Farm Town and Farmville once surged in popularity, the city-building genre is rapidly gaining players.

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