This Week In Pool Reports

Happy Birthday POTUS! Nothing says 62 like a wooden box. How so?

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  • “And speaking of beauty of life, POTUS took his place in photo with the Japanese PM, Fukuda, on his left, and the Algerian president, Bouteflika, on his right, between Potus and Medvedev. Sarkozy was a few doors down, on the other side of Fukuda. The photogs snapped away for a while and then, when POTUS decided the picture-taking was over, he turned to Fukuda, clapped his hand into Fukuda’s for a shake, and started to walk away. The rest of the leaders followed.” — Sheryl Stolberg, New York Times

  • “When the session was over, ‘George’ walked past the pool. He was asked how his birthday was. ‘You know something, it was joyous.'” — Stolberg

  • “Dana came by towards the end of the flight to tell us that the staff had a little birthday celebration for the president’s 62 birthday at around 11 p.m. Washington time (noon on Sunday in Japan.) The senior staff gathered in the conference room, and a steward put a single birthday candle on a coconut cake. They dimmed the lights, and the president came in with Laura and the group said ‘Surprise’ and sang ‘Happy Birthday,’ according to Perino. ‘He dutifully pretended to be surprised,’ Perino said. The staff presented Bush a present: a simple wooden box made from a giant oak tree that fell on the White House lawn in 2007 (planted by Benjamin Harrison’s daughter in 1892): some of the wood had been sent to Texas to be fashioned into a small box (one and half feet by one foot) that was filled with notes and cards from members of his senior staff.” — Michael Abramowitz, Washington Post

  • “The President diverged from his prepared remarks only once, when he responded to interruptions by saying, ‘We believe in free speech in the United States of America.’ He noted that the Fourth of July is not only the country’s birthday but it is also ‘my birthday weekend.'” — Rick Dunham, Houston Chronicle

  • “After sitting by the pool (working diligently and eating some finger-licking fried chicken) outside Kelley Williams’ poolhouse, the pool and POTUS departed the fundraiser at 1:30 pm. — Jon Ward, Washington Times