This Week In Pool Reports

This week in the adventures of POTUS, President Bush becomes a member of Rolling Thunder, complete with a black leather vest.

  • “The president’s tour continued along a narrow cinder block corridor to a room with at least two bunks. The pool did not get close
    enough to hear his remarks in the room, but he autographed a child’s pink poster, which said ‘You Rock,’ and wrote, ‘Thanks.’ A short drive took the president to one of the new barracks already occupied, clearly a newer and nicer building. It houses troops of Headquarters, Division Special Troop Battalion. The president met two soldiers in the hallway. Hearing was made difficult by the click of shutters, but at one point he asked them, ‘Are we close to your room?’ In fact, they were. ‘Did you make your bed?’ he asked ‘Oh, yeah, sir,’ said one of the soldiers, Spec. Shannon Gardner.” — Steven Lee Myers, The New York Times

  • “On a cloudless beautiful Sunday, 10 motorcyles rumbled up the South Lawn drive at the White House at about 12:35 p.m. Most of the bikes were Harley-Davidsons; at least two were Hondas. … Four Bush administration officials were among the group, including well-known Harley fan and White House chief of staff Josh Bolten, wearing a black collared shirt and jeans; Transportation Secretary Mary Peters (simple white shirt); and Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer (blue casual oxford). But the award for best stepping into character goes to Edward P. ‘Eddie’ Lazear, chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, who sported a leather Harley vest and a black bandana wrapped around his head. All of the Bushies appeared to be riding Harleys and everyone wore helmets. Lazear told the pool he borrowed his bike from a Virginia dealer.” — Dan Eggen, The Washington Post

  • Muller announced that POTUS was being made an honorary member of Rolling Thunder, and presented him with a black leather vest featuring a POW-MIA patch on the front and a large eagle insignia above the words ‘Rolling Thunder.’ Bush took off his jacket and put on the vest but said he wasn’t planning on taking a ride. One rider, identified by the White House as Lynne ‘Jinx’ Jenks Spencer, handed something small to POTUS as the group moved away from the pool. No word on what it was.” — Eggen

  • “As the pool was hustled out, the President asked April Ryan how she was. She replied: ‘I’m doing good — how are you? You expecting any grandchildren? I heard Georgia, Georgette.’ The President just smiled, and said after a pause: ‘You exercising? You look good!’ April, laughing: ‘Thanks for noticing! My HUSBAND doesn’t do that. That’s what I’m talking about. Thank you!'” — Mike Allen, Politico
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