This Week In Pool Reports

The wedding edition!

  • “The president wore a dark blue suit, light blue shirt, dark blue tie with white squares; Mrs. Bush wore a brown pantsuit with a coral shirt. See transcript for the president’s brief remarks (Mother’s Day; federal assistance for tornado damage; Jenna’s wedding). The president did not entertain any of the questions shouted to him over the noise of the plane — ‘Did you stay up late?’ ‘Did it boost the economy?’ (i.e., wedding spending) — simply acknowledging reporters with a wink as he turned away. The president’s father briefly visited the back of the plane to say hello to reporters. Asked about reports he had spoke at the wedding, he said, ‘It was supposed to be 40 minutes but they cut me back to 20.’ And then said he was ‘kidding,’ noted that he had been told not to talk about the wedding.” — Amy Argetsinger, Washington Post

  • “McDonough said she would brief before the wedding Saturday afternoon, but did not give a time. She said it was unlikely she would have many new details, like the menu or the guest list. She reiterated that the wedding was a private affair. As an example, she said catering for the wedding would be handled by a private company, rather than White House staff. She said details like the menu were not being provided because the wedding couple wanted ‘their guests to be surprised by the festivities.’ When asked whether guests were instructed not to speak to reporters, McDonough said they were told the same as the press: that the event was private.” — Ginger Thompson, New York Times

  • “When asked where wedding guests were staying, McDonough said they were staying in different places around Crawford. 4ome were staying in Salado (sa-LAY-do). At the end of the night, McDonough reported by blackberry that there were more than 100 people at the rehearsal dinner. She did not know how many people attended the buffet dinner. She said in addition to the wedding, the families celebrated Hager’s
    30th birthday. POTUS rolled out of Salado at 9:38. He arrived at the ranch at 11:04.” — Thompson

  • “Pool left the filing center at 4 p.m., headed toward the ranch for a security sweep and departed for the rehearsal dinner. At 5:46 White House still had not disclosed the location of the party. President’s motorcade departed Crawford, and drove for nearly an hour to a picturesque town called Salado, sprinkled with inns and boutiques.” — Thompson

  • Sally McDonough said that earlier today (12:30 p.m.) Jenna and the First Lady attended a luncheon for a group of women friends. The luncheon was held at a place called The Inn on the Creek. She did not know who hosted. A rehearsal dinner began at 6:30 p.m. It was held at the Old Salado Springs Celebration Center. (Info about the place on line) It was attended by members of the family and the wedding party. It was hosted by the Hager family. The dress was jacket and no ties.” — Thompson

  • “At 7:30 all wedding guests were invited to a ‘Texas Size Celebration.’ Dress was ‘Texas Chic.’ It was held at the Salado Silver Spur Theater. Guests were served a buffet.” — Thompson

  • “The president and first lady left the ranch at 6:45 CDT for the five mile trip to the C + E ranch owned by Donald Ensenat and Joseph Canizaro. They spent just five minutes short of two hours there, reportedly having dinner. Please note that with the time change, the outing lasted well beyond the president’s usual bedtime comfort zone. Eyebrows are raised! Pool held by the roadside and behaved itself naturally. Uneventful motorcades to and fro.” — Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle

  • “POTUS arrived at Andrews at 08:40 wearing a blue suit, red tie and father-of-the bride smile. As he approached Air Force One, he stuck out his arm as if he was rehearsing his walk down the aisle.” — Thompson

  • “Pool made it back to the white House around 1:45 p.m. but only after nearly loosing its cameraman: One end of the safety rail on top of the pool van came out when the cameraman grabbed it during a sharp turn onto Virginia Avenue. No major injuries reported.” — Eun Kim, Gannett News Service