This Week In Pool Reports

This week, the motorcade has some technical issues, POTUS is victim to an unfortunate seating arrangement and Politico makes a rare pool appearance.

  • “The White House Scottish terriers Barney and Miss Beazley were sitting on a sunny South Lawn chewing on something when the pool was led into the Rose Garden access corridor to the Oval Office.” — Bartholomew Sullivan, Scripps Howard News Service

  • “After his remarks, POTUS did not take questions. However, when asked if he was any closer to finishing the stimulus package, POTUS offered a wink in the direction of the questioner and slight smile.” — Daniel W. Reilly, Politico

  • “Not much to add to the president’s brief statement at the top of his meeting with Congressional leaders. He took no questions and replied rather firmly, ‘Thank you all’ when one was shouted about how quickly an agreement needed to be done to be effective. He sat between Pelosi and Reid. When the president spoke of the legislative body not being the most orderly, Pelosi raised her eyebrows in mock surprise, and said something to Boehner at her side that was inaudible. The president went on to say that the leaders were committed to getting an agreement and would do so quickly.” — Steven Lee Myers, New York Times

  • “They walked over to a group of elementary school-aged kids during story time. Wrapping up, the reader asked the kids how they could make the world a better place. With the throng of us gathered around, the kids remained silent. ‘Love your neighbor,’ President Bush volunteered eagerly. The reader nodded approvingly.” — Charles Hurt, New York Post

  • “The motorcade left the White House grounds at about 8 am. and the ride was uneventful for the President. POTUS arrived at Fort Belvoir at about 8:20 am. (The package was without Press One for most of the ride out. The van pulled over on 14th St. between the mall and the bridge. Passengers said they felt a thumping and it turns out there was ‘a hunk of metal’ in the right rear tire, as one photographer explained. The motor pool dispatched a replacement van, and Press One rejoined Press Two at 8:42 am. at Fort Belvoir, in time for coffee). Per usual, your pool did not see POTUS or the peloton on the course. They rode for about 1 hour, 45 minutes while pool held at a coffee shop.” — Kenneth R. Bazinet, Daily News

  • “Bush greeted, shook hands and posed for pictures with workers throughout the facility, and used ‘hola’ to greet the numerous Hispanic workers. At the conclusion of the tour, Bush delivered his remarks on the need for an economic stimulus package, and admiring the ‘Stander,’ asked Wright to ‘crank this sucker up.’ After receiving a demonstration from Wright, Bush took the reigns, going forwards and backwards on the ‘Stander’ while waving to the press corps. Bush called it a ‘fine looking machine.’ The motorcade departed the factory at 2:13 p.m., driving through Frederick (past a woman with a life-size cutout of Bush), and departed for Washington at 2:29 p.m., arriving at the White House at 2:51.” — Andy Leonatti, CongressDaily