This Week In Pool Reports

FLOTUS confirms that 2008 is more than just a year filled with a presidential race. It will also be the year of a presidential wedding. Adorable.

  • “Bush proceeded to private meetings with a total of 14 wounded Iraq veterans, in the process awarding four Purple Hearts, according to White House aide Stuart Siciliano. Afterward, Bush appeared before the mikes along with Rear Admiral Richard Jeffries, commander of the medical center, sounding somewhat somber and taking no questions. However, on his way from the mikes to his limo for the 15 second ride back to the helicopter, Bush chuckled when asked, ‘What was the vice president doing in his office this morning?’ Departure was without incident.” — Keith Koffler, CongressDaily

  • “Motorcade to and from Energy Department uneventful, with exception of large fire truck greeting us as we emerged from Southeast section of White House. Bush arrived at event on time — no obvious changes because of the fire.” — Koffler

  • “The Little Sisters offer nursing care for 75 residents, who are poor, and assisted living for 24 others. The president and his wife started their visit by donating a few books to Mary Ann Lucey, a volunteer librarian at the home’s Book Nook, a small one-room library. Then they entered the well-lit caf=E9 adorned with a Christmas tree and many wreaths. They greeted residents, many of whom are in wheelchairs. President Bush would lean down and say Merry Christmas or How are you doing? One man asked the first lady: When are we going to have a wedding? referring to her daughter Jenna, who is engaged. Laura Bush responded: ‘We are going to have a wedding some time this year.'” — Matt Canham, The Salt Lake Tribune

  • “A staffer handed President Bush a tray. He took it and said, ‘Anybody want some Christmas cookies from the White House?’ He didn’t know that the Sisters had already handed out the cookies shaped
    like Christmas trees and the president=92s dogs Barney and Beazley. The residents weren’t very interested in seconds.” — Canham

  • President Bush spoke to about 100 members of the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Stafford Rotary Club at Yak-A Doo’s, a typical fern bar/restaurant in a Holiday Inn in Fredericksburg. Small, polite crowd of about 100 in attendance; no applause breaks at specific lines during the speech, but a few laughs. He talked about the economy — ‘pretty good’ despite some ‘storm clouds’ — and the spending bill — he said that it appeared the House had come up with a ‘reasonable’ plan.” — Sean Mussenden, Media General

  • “It’s gray, drizzling and cool – a perfect morning to go bike riding. That’s what President Bush did, leaving the White House at 7:40 a.m. and arriving at Virginia’s Ft. Belvoir at 8:02 a.m. Your pool witnessed none of the biking but we did hear a good holiday CD and had some nice hot drinks at the base Starbucks.” — Bill Douglas, McClatchy Newspapers

  • “Brief, uneventful motorcade to the State Department, where the president and first lady reportedly attended a holiday reception for the diplomatic corps. It couldn’t have been much of a party, though — they only stayed about 20 minutes. Pool held in vans, then quick motorcade back to the White House. FLOTUS spotted wearing her chic red suit, POTUS unseen.” — Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle