This Week In Pool Reports

Protestors just seem to be as fun as they used to be, Bill Plante is a snazzy dresser and the POTUS breaks his own precedent.

  • “While answering audience questions that were read by a moderator, Vice President Cheney was heckled by an anti-war protestor wearing a T-shirt that said: ‘End the War in Iraq Now.’ She stood up at the back of a very large, very full banquet room (at least 1,000 people) and said, rather half-heartedly, ‘Don’t attack Iran!’ It was not clear whether Mr. Cheney even heard the woman, who was led away without a fuss. A few minutes later, another protester, this one a man, shouted something similar and was also ushered out peacefully. (Sorry, no red-painted hands or screams of ‘Don’t tase me, bro!’) The vice president appeared to hear the second heckler because he paused for a beat, although he made no mention of the interruption. As for Mr. Cheney’s remarks, he at one point said, ‘I’m not a big Jimmy Carter fan.'” — Bill Sammon, The Washington Examiner

  • “The pre-dusk drive took about five minutes, and the pool then held at the vans for a little over an hour. We were given little white bags with dinner, not candy, inside (though as we walked up the South Lawn driveway upon return, holding the little baggies, someone remarked that we did look like a horde of well-dressed trick-or-treaters descending upon the president to demand candy, not answers!). The dinners included either roast turkey or grilled vegetable sandwiches, depending on your luck. One pool member’s verdict on the veggie sandwiches: ‘Cold and mushy.'” — Jon Ward, Washington Times

  • “The protesters were our old friends Code Pink-Medea Benjamin and the now infamous Desiree ‘bloody hands’ Ali-Fairooz, along with a few others. Another person wearing a Bush mask, with blood on the chin, a ‘war criminal t-shirt,’ and a black cape, of all things, walked around giving the Nazi
    salute.” — Ward

  • “POTUS took the unprecedented step this morning of inviting the pool reporters, sans TV cameras, into the Oval Office for a preview of the speech he will give at the Heritage Foundation this afternoon. This was the first time he has invited reporters into the Oval Office for a small pen and pad like this. It was POTUS’ idea to do this.” — Ward

  • “Mr. Bush declined to answer a question by Bill Plante of CBS, although he did remark to the newsman: ‘I like the way the hanky matches the tie.'” — Sammon

  • “The president stopped at the cashier and picked up an order, apparently placed in advance. It included, in full, three racks of pork spare ribs, Saratoga chips (kettle fried), onion straws and the inn’s barbeque sauce, according to the press office. The president appeared to insist on paying, but left it to someone else to settle the bill. The president’s aide, Barry Jackson, a local, said the ribs were the best in the world. The president carried them in a large white paper sack back to the motorcade, which arrived at the airport uneventfully, though the friendly crowd at the gate had grown considerably. Air Force One departed at 7:30 p.m. and returned to Andrews at 8:30 p.m.” — Steven Lee Myers, New York Times