This Week In Pool Reports

In this week’s episode, FLOTUS makes a fashion faux pas, President Bush gets to live out his childhood dreams and it seems there is room for romance in the White House.

  • “Important wardrobe note: FLOTUS was wearing a torrid red outfit, to frontrun tomorrow’s wear-red day to fight heart disease. Kind of a waffle-texture fabric.” — John McKinnon, Wall Street Journal and Matt Stearns, McClatchy Newspapers

  • “POTUS garnered big laughs from the audience when, apparently in need of coffee at the early hour, stood from his seat, walked to his right to Gen. Pace‘s seat, grabbed a silver coffee urn from in front of Pace and brought it back to his seat to fill his cup. POTUS then returned to Pace’s seat with urn and poured Pace a cup. Pace stood and shook POTUS’s hand in exaggerated and humorous gratitude.” — McKinnon and Stearns

  • “The main event: At the end of the tour, the president climbed aboard a tractor, similar to those you saw at the speech site, told the pool ‘I would suggest moving back. I’m about to crank this sucker up,’ and with that he did. He moved it forward about 20 feet, then backed it into a turn, and straightened it out. When done, he stepped out of the cab, said, ‘oh, yeah,’ and responded with a sheepish grin, and a shrug of his shoulders as though saying ‘what did you expect,’ when a pooler shouted ‘we thought you were kidding.’ In short, the tractor drive, a dream come true for any American male, brought out the inner boy in the president.” — Jim Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times

  • “POTUS, FLOTUS and other administration officials attended a farewell party at Blair House for outgoing White House Counsel Harriet Miers. At 4 pm, POTUS and FLOTUS walked across Pa. Ave hand-in-hand, smiling and waving.” — Kenneth Bazinet, Daily News