This Week In Pool Reports

Funny is on vacation this week, along with most of Washington, but Julie Mason still makes us beg for it. What’s up with that? And, yes, farm animals are always funny.

  • “The president delivered his remarks in the hangar, with Marine One parked outside. He spoke before a backdrop of blue curtains, two flags and the Western White House sign. When he left the building and his SUV pulled away, the sun had started to rise, illuminating the farm equipment, cows and sheep on our way back to Crawford.” — Jeff Zeleny, New York Times

  • “Upon arrival at TSTC, Bush carried Barney down the steps of the plane and mugged with him briefly on the tarmac. The first lady and her mother followed. An aide carried Miss Beazley. They boarded the chopper and headed off.” — Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle

  • “The president, the first lady and her mother, Mrs. Jenna Welch, boarded Air Force One at Andrews. Flight routine; Scott Stanzel gaggled. In deference to Mr. Gerstenzang, the pool will omit any details of in-flight cuisine or movie plots. Details on request.” — Mason

  • “President and Mrs. Bush choppered to the Fitzgerald tennis center on 16th St., NW then took a motorcade to Walter Reed. One house near the tennis center landing zone had large signs that said ‘Bush Lied, Innocents Died’ and ‘Peace on Earth.’ At Walter Reed, the president and first lady visited 38 members of the Army, Marines and Air Force who were wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan The president gave out 16 Purple Hearts to 14 soldiers.” — Bill Douglas, McClatchy Newspapers