This Week In Pool Reports

BBQ, puff pastry and whipped cream. It’s good to be a pooler.

  • “No visitors, but BBQ chicken wings, celery and pink lemonade. DaVinci Code playing in the press cabin. Tom Hanks did not get the girl. Fox News in SS cabin.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • “Very informative section by Connaughton — if you’re writing an energy story, which you know you’re not. A few fun facts: Connaughton drove a plug-in hybrid last week, one of the few prototypes in the United States, and said it gets 156 miles to the gallon. Another: The amount of energy derived from wind has tripled since Bush took office and this year, the United States has installed more wind power than any other country. Believe it or not.” — Joseph Curl, Washington Times

  • “Eventually, Crouch came back to give a readout the Bush/Tang meeting (supply your own punchline). Not surprisingly, the two ‘exchanged views’ on how to deal with North Korea and the very ronery Kim Jong Il and (be seated before reading the next line) there was ‘a broad set of agreement.’ One big ol’ set of agreement, Texan-Tang style.” — Curl

  • “Delicious lunch, by the way, aboard Air Force One; a bowl of steaming hot tomato soup, a grilled tuna melt and a giant puff pastry stuffed with whipped cream. Moans arose as the plane landed with just a few minutes to go in ‘The DaVinci Code’ and the TV screens suddenly went black. That horrible fate will be remedied on the next leg of the trip, to Chicago.” — Curl

  • POTUS arrived back at the White House at about 8:22 pm, ahead of the 8:40 scheduled time, delighting the more senior members of your pool, several of whom still have nightmares of Clinton pool duty days.” — Susan Milligan, Boston Globe

  • Our reception spies tell us that the attendees included Justice Clarence thomas, Secretary Card, Secretary Rumsfeld, Virginia Senators Warner and Allen. (Your pool will refrain from any snide remarks)” — Sheryl Stolberg, New York Times

  • “News: None. Shameless plug: One. This pool report cannot do justice to the plug the president gave to his sister’s new book, so your pooler urges you to look at the photos. You can then see him walking out of the Oval Office at 7:58, followed by Bolten and Bartlett, carrying “My Father, My President: A Personal Account of the Life of George H.W. Bush,” by Doro Bush Koch. But this wasn’t just a carry. He cradled the book like Vana White turns letters — a caress, fingers carefully placed to allow as much of the book to show as possible, with the front cover aimed squarely at photographers.” — Stephen Dinan, Washington Times