This Week In Pool Reports

Apparently, Kofi Annan just isn’t that funny. Thank goodness for motorcade mayhem, the Sunday bike ride and 8 year old overachievers.

  • “Color: Yes. News: Only if (with apologies to Sen. George Allen) you like to draw ridiculous analogies between football and politics.” — Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

  • “We landed at 12:09 and the president met 8-year-old Freedom Corps volunteer Zach Bonner, who has done more charity work in his short lifetime than any of us will ever do (seriously! check the transcript, Dana gave all the details).” — Dinan

  • “Back to the WH for seven minutes while POTUS, apparently nicknamed ‘superman in a phone booth’ by Secret Service, changed into his biking gear and returned to the limo. Motorcade raced to Secret Service training facility in Beltsville, MD where POTUS stayed for 2 1/2 hours, riding his bike and rumor has it possibly claering some trail. Guests included WH photographer Paul Morse and former Deputy National Security Advisor Faryar Shirzad.” — Anne Mulkern, Denver Post

  • “Then he had some words of encouragement for the Bucs themselves, who have lost the first two games of the season: ‘You’re pros. The beginning of the season is not the end of the season.'” — Dinan

  • “Left Beltsville at 11:42 a.m. for fast motorcade. Brief bit of tension when a car, trying to avoid a mattress that had spilled on the rode, came very close to back of motorcade. Motorcade also passed Iraq war protestor Cindy Sheehan’s Camp Casey across the street from the Washington Monument, which featured a quite large blow-up doll of POTUS with a Pinocchio nose. Banners on top of the tent urged POTUS to meet with Cindy.” — Mulkern

  • “Slightly more eventful return trip. A guy in a red truck just didn’t get the idea that’s it’s uncool to keep trying to merge with a bunch of black SUVs with sirens. A waving arm out the passenger window ahead of us finally got the message across and the driver pulled onto the shoulder.” — Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News