This Week In Pool Reports, 09.15.06

Between the Katrina anniversary and the 5 year anniversary of 9-11, will the poolers ever get a break? Buck up kids — campaign season is upon us and funny is just around the corner.

  • “Quick and uneventful motorcade to Evermay for RNC reception. Nifty illegal turn off Rock Creek Parkway. Some curious Georgetown onlookers included at least one woman giving the motorcade a one finger salute.” — Jonathan Riskind, Columbus Dispatch

  • “Looking for parking: We then circled around toward the North Pentagon Parking Lot and made one loop around nearly the entire complex, sort of like looking for a parking spot at a crowded mall. We entered the River Terrace Gate, on the north side of the bus station.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • “This afternoon, pool gathered in front of the once and future press briefing room at 2:30 p.m. and were escorted through the Rose Garden to the South Lawn a little before 3.” — Charlie Savage, Boston Globe

  • “It was a gorgeous, sunny morning for a bicycle ride, and we are told that President Bush indulged in one; but your pool did not witness it. Your pool held for an hour and 25 minutes in our little hovel. It’s possible that during this time, the mountain bikes that hung off one of the SUVs in the motorcade might have been used. Or maybe not. White House Spokesman Tony Snow was said to be one of POTUS’ biking companions, but we saw neither.” —
    Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Baltimore Sun

  • “Another uneventful 28-minute motorcade back to the White House, arriving at 12:07 p.m. As we pulled up, Snow, in biking attire of black spandex shorts and an Army-green t-shirt, stepped gingerly out of one of the SUVs in his stocking feet. Carrying a helmet in one hand and bicycle shoes in another, he looked for all the world as if he had been biking.” — Hirschfeld Davis

  • “We are being held across the street from the lavish Ward mansion, in the J.C. Nichols House, a colonial revival mansion built by, and named after, one of the big developers here in the early 1900s. It is in the National Register of Historical Places. The advance staff says that plenty of presidents have stayed here including Truman. Now it is under renovation, cleared of furniture, and it was left to the devices of your wretched, newsless pool.” — Jim Rutenberg, New York Times

  • “As we waited for Marine One to land none other than the still dreamy Bo Derek floated through the AF1 press cabin with a man she identified as her father and a younger unidentified woman. Your Gen X pool then had the bittersweet duty of telling Gen Z White House staff exactly who Bo Derek is, describing the cultural force she once was, and how she can now be caught on some new show with Morgan Fairchild on the new Fox mini-network [For the kids:]. Apparently Ms. Derek, who is friends with Josh Bolten, was just doing a quick tour of AF1 and deplaned before take off, alas.” — Rutenberg

  • “Toward the end of our journey the motorcade wended through a complex called ‘The Parks at Sherwood’, which at first appeared to be a residential complex akin to the one in Poltergeist. But as we kept driving the place became fairly cushy. After coming through a stone gate, we drove past some handsome horses in pristine pens. We were finally delivered to our own pen, in a cozy stone house abutting the ‘private residence’ that is owned by David and Pam Johnson. David is chairman Victor International, a ‘luxury community development’ firm. (That explains everything!) Meanwhile, somewhere very nearby, POTUS is saying something about something to some people we will never see…” — Rutenberg