This Week In Facebook – January 10, 2010

While the past week hasn’t been extremely busy for Facebook, the company surpassed some huge milestones to start off the new year. The biggest milestone was becoming the largest site in the U.S. based on unique visitors for the third time on New Year’s day. Last week we highlighted all of the major milestones which Facebook surpassed throughout 2009 and some of the biggest stories. If you want a thorough overview of everything that went on in the world of Facebook last year, definitely check out our first annual “This Year In Facebook“.

Facebook Shuts Down Second Automated Account Deletion Tool

Last week Facebook shut downshut down a service called Seppukoo, which encouraged users to shut down their accounts and attributed points to those users which convinced the most number of friends to also kill their accounts. Both services resulted in the permanent deletion of Facebook accounts, something Facebook wasn’t a big fan of.

With days of gaining significant media coverage, both services were blocked by Facebook and while the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is currently looking for workarounds, don’t expect it to have a long life-span even if it manages to get up and running again. Facebook already provides users with a tool for delete their accounts so there isn’t much of a benefit from using a third-party service aside from being able to watch the services automatically delete your account information.

New Facebook iPhone Application Launches

Last week the new Facebook iPhone application went live, and with it came notifications and sync updates. While unfiltered notifications can become pretty annoying, the program let users customize which notifications they’d like to receive from Facebook. There was also a previous contact bug which was resolved with the new version of the application. If you found that you weren’t able to load your contacts on the last Facebook iPhone application, you should no longer have any problems.

Facebook Rings In The New Year As #1 Site

Last week we covered how New Years was the third time Facebook became the number one site in the U.S. based on unique visitors. The previous two times, Christmas Eve and Christmas, happened only a week prior which highlights Facebook’s continued growth in popularity. Also of interest was a new report which highlighted Facebook’s dominance in the social networking space based on page views. According to the report, Facebook has 11 times as many page views as MySpace on a monthly basis.

It helped illustrate how continued comparisons between Facebook and MySpace are essentially pointless, when Facebook should instead be compared to Google, something we’d expected to see and increase of as the new year moves on.

Facebook Bra Campaign Goes Viral

Also popular last week was the Facebook bra color campaign, which was used to spread awareness about breast cancer by having women on Facebook post status updates with their current bra color. One guy is claiming that he’s the source of the breast cancer campaign, however right now it’s impossible for us to confirm whether or not he truly started it. Wherever the campaign started, millions of Facebook users have updated their status with the color of their bra color. It will be interesting to see how long this campaign lasts!

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