‘This Week’ EP Jonathan Greenberger Adds Washington Bureau Chief and VP to Title

Greenberger-SproulPOLITICO’s Dylan Byers reported Wednesday night that “This Week” executive producer Jonathan Greenberger would be promoted to Washington bureau chief and VP, and today, ABC News president James Goldston formally announced the news.

In a note to staff, Goldston said that after 21 years as the ABC News Washington bureau chief, Robin Sproul will transition to VP of public affairs for the network, and that Greenberger will replace her as the bureau lead. In addition, he’s also been named VP and will continue as George Stephanopoulos’ Sunday morning show EP.

“The same qualities that have allowed Jonathan to succeed at “This Week” – his boundless enthusiasm, innovative spirit, and commitment to the news – will serve him well in the Washington bureau,” Goldston wrote to staff.

See Goldston’s note to staff after the jump.

Team –

I am delighted to announce that two members of our DC bureau will be taking on new challenges in the coming weeks. Robin Sproul will transition to Vice President of Public Affairs for ABC News, taking charge of the news division’s external relations in Washington and Jonathan Greenberger is being promoted to Vice President and Bureau Chief.

Robin, one of Washington’s most respected journalists, has served for a record twenty-one years as Washington bureau chief. During this time the bureau has been recognized as one of the most aggressive news organizations in the business – consistently breaking news and winning numerous awards. In her new role, she will serve as our liaison to the federal government, the Walt Disney Company’s government relations office, journalism organizations, and other external groups interfacing with ABC News. She will continue to serve as the executive-in-charge of “This Week”, building on her impressive accomplishments of the last year and a half in this key role. She will also oversee political debates and the division’s polling operations.

In the past year alone, she has been named one of the “100 Most Influential People in Washington,” one of Washingtonian Magazine’s “Most Powerful Women,” and was awarded the “First Amendment Service Award” by the RTDNA. Earlier this year, Robin was asked by the Attorney General to be one of a handful of prominent journalists serving in his Media Dialogue Group, doing the important work of guarding the legal rights of reporters protecting their sources.

I am thrilled that she will continue to represent ABC News in Washington.

In his role as Bureau Chief, Jonathan will continue to serve as Executive Producer of “This Week,” reporting to Tom Cibrowski.

In the year since he was appointed Executive Producer of “This Week”, Jonathan and his team have reinvented the Sunday morning news format, doubling down on their commitment to covering policy and politics while also embracing new ways of telling stories. The program breaks news every week, and consistently lands big interviews – including the only interview with Speaker Boehner during the government shutdown last fall, exclusive interviews with the President, and a rare interview with a sitting Supreme Court justice just to name a few. Viewers have rewarded the team’s hard work: The show has rocketed from third to first, winning its first sweep in 21 years and its first quarter in 17 years.

The same qualities that have allowed Jonathan to succeed at “This Week” – his boundless enthusiasm, innovative spirit, and commitment to the news – will serve him well in the Washington bureau. He is already a very familiar face there. As many of you know, Jonathan’s career with ABC News began in the Washington bureau exactly a decade ago as an intern in our political unit. He then spent many years as a producer in the bureau before leaving to earn his JD at Stanford Law School. Over the last year, Jonathan has worked very closely with everyone in the Washington bureau to make “This Week” the DC bureau’s flagship program.

The Washington bureau is filled with some of our most talented journalists and Jonathan will work with that group to make the bureau a hub of storytelling, newsgathering, and innovation.

Jonathan is in the process of moving to Washington, and he will work closely with Robin to plan a seamless transition.

Please join me in congratulating Robin and Jonathan on their new positions.