This Week’s Top 20 Pages: Eminem, YouTube, ‘House’, Megan Fox and More

Music dominated our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages this week, taking up almost half, while the rest of the list consisted of big name brands and entertainment-related Pages. Our list is genereated by our PageData tool, which counts the number of fans added to a Page each day. Making the list this week required anywhere from 477,400 to 840,000 new Likes.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Eminem 9,813,796 +839,971 +9.36
2. Facebook 15,850,128 +773,874 +5.13
3. South Park 10,319,212 +760,309 +7.95
4. YouTube 10,593,652 +759,480 +7.72
5. Lady Gaga 15,144,827 +756,844 +5.26
6. Family Guy 14,816,058 +684,980 +4.85
7. Vin Diesel 13,584,045 +654,615 +5.06
8. Coca-Cola 9,923,260 +634,799 +6.83
9. Michael Jackson 18,142,782 +577,237 +3.29
10. Linkin Park 10,119,211 +563,783 +5.90
11. House 11,949,940 +553,488 +4.86
12. George Lopez 1,952,029 +544,180 +38.65
13. Starbucks 12,074,884 +533,552 +4.62
14. Megan Fox 11,292,324 +530,799 +4.93
15. Bob Marley 8,515,131 +529,093 +6.63
16. David Guetta 6,705,888 +522,006 +8.44
17. Lil Wayne 9,561,537 +514,866 +5.69
18. Justin Bieber 9,067,247 +501,089 +5.85
19. The Twilight Saga 11,239,201 +495,033 +4.61
20. Shakira 6,526,689 +477,427 +7.89

At the top of the list was Eminem, who added 840,000 new Likes to the 9.8 million on his Page, which showed steady growth; this rise is most likely because he debuted a new video for his song “Love the Way You Lie,” which features Rihanna and Megan Fox. The song has also seen good play on the radio. Consequently, Fox was also on the list this week, adding 530,800 Likes, totalling 11.2 million, and also promoting the new video on her Page.

Lady Gaga wasn’t far behind at number 5, adding about 757,000 new Likes to the 15.1 million on her Page after performing as one of the headliners at the Chicago music festival Lollapalooza. Michael Jackson was ninth, adding 577,200 Likes to edge over 18 million. Linkin Park, which has released a single and will release an album next month, was tenth, adding 563,800 Likes to arrive at a total of 10.1 million. Bob Marley’s Page was at number 15 and added 529,000 new fans to grow to 8.5 million.

DJ David Guetta was at 16, adding 522,000 new Likes to grow to 6.7 million; he’s been promoting his single with Flo Rida and other music-related events on the Page. At 17 was Lil Wayne who posted some new activity on his Page this week to his 9.5 million fans, adding 514,900 — the rapper also gave an interview from jail this week. Teen crooner Justin Bieber was at number 18, adding 501,000 Likes to nudge past 9 million total; he’s been promoting his songs, videos, singles, apperances and other Bieber-related activity on his Page. Shakira came in at number 20, rounding out the list and the musicians, adding 477,400 Likes to now boast a toal of 6.5 million; she’s been promoting new tour dates, interviews and her album.

Big brands, tech or otherwise, held onto the middle chunk of our list.

Facebook was second, adding 773,900 Likes to grow to 15.8 million. YouTube’s Page was fourth, adding 759,500 Likes. Coca-Cola’s Page came in eigth, adding 634,800 Likes for a total of 9.9 million; the company’s been promoting a Guitar Hero “fanhancer” mini game on the Page. Starbucks rounded out the brands on the list at number 13, adding 533,600 Likes to its 12 million total.

Entertainment took up another big chunk of our list, as per ususal.

South Park” came in third, adding 760,300 Likes to grow the Page’s audience to 10.3 million. “Family Guy” was at number 6, adding 685,000 Likes to reach a total of 14.8 million; the show’s creator has been actively promoting the show on interviews posted to the Page. Vin Diesel took seventh place, adding 654,600 Likes to reach 13.5 million; he’s been posting pictures and updates of his upcoming projects.

The medical series “House” was at number 11, adding 553,500 Likes to come in just under a total of 12 million; Page admins have been posting news items about the upcoming seasons’ plot line. Comedian George Lopez was at number 12, adding 544,200 Likes to a 1.9 million total; this seemed to be a Page consolidation, as 521,000 Likes were added in a single day last week. “The Twilight Saga” took ninteenth place, adding 495,000 Likes to total 11.2 million this week; as usual, the Page promoted the films’ stars, merchandise, news and awards.