This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU Features Mafia and Monopoly

Mafia Wars is back on top yet again on this week’s list of fastest growing Facebook games by monthly active users. As mentioned previously, this is due in part to a large cross promotion with Zynga’s CityVille that put Mafia Wars front and center. This promotion has since ended at this time and Mafia Wars is seeing its regular rate of traffic again, meaning that next week it is unlikely we will see it taking the top spot on the leaderboards.

According to AppData, our metrics tracking service that analyzes the traffic of the top Facebook games, EA’s Monopoly Millionaires is still making some impressive gains. Over 1 million new players joined up with the game this month, keeping Monopoly Millionaires on a steep incline in MAU and daily active users. It still doesn’t appear to be slowing in terms of sheer growth, but Monopoly Millionaires could stand to bring its retention numbers up a bit to hold onto more players.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Mafia Wars Game 17,022,203 +1,511,976 +10%
2. Monopoly Millionaires 5,138,437 +1,097,890 +27%
3. Daily Horoscope 3,752,495 +668,171 +22%
4. Diamond Dash 782,850 +617,281 +373%
5. Monster Galaxy 7,960,983 +601,564 +8%
6. Zoo World 6,336,834 +437,406 +7%
7. Zombie Lane 470,352 +410,934 +692%
8. Gourmet Ranch 2,573,840 +320,434 +14%
9. Spot The Difference 1,214,943 +302,752 +33%
10. Galaxy Online II 1,021,723 +273,091 +36%
11. Zuma Blitz 6,549,581 +252,559 +4%
12. NBA Legend: Official NBA Game 791,834 +241,811 +44%
13. Crime City 6,356,147 +235,328 +4%
14. Slotomania – Slot Machines 1,204,286 +209,421 +21%
15. Super Billares 1,216,751 +192,024 +19%
16. Fish World 1,285,440 +188,677 +17%
17. Treasure Land 280,451 +176,689 +170%
18. Poker Texas Boyaa 1,107,720 +175,279 +19%
19. Happy Kingdom 482,885 +172,073 +55%
20. Dragon Age Legends 465,915 +171,553 +58%

Zombie Lane is the new Digital Chocolate game that we reviewed last week. An innovative sim title, it brings in familiar elements from other successful games and adds a new twist on them to make a highly polished and fun experience. Zombie Lane is full of story, keeping players wanting to continue their adventure to see what might happen next. In a land full of recent clones, the title feels fresh. It manages to be light, engaging, and familiar to play even though it is unlike anything we’ve seen before on Facebook. Zombie Lane has robust collections, zombie combat complete with upgradeable weapons, an interesting story, and is growing quickly during the short week it has been available for play.

Happy Kingdom is a Happy Elements city building game set in the Middle Ages. As mentioned back in December, it is the English language version of the developer’s Chinese game My Kingdom, which currently has 1.1 million MAU and 387,000 DAU. Happy Kingdom uses a cutesy whimsical art style to appeal to gamers, and has a rather complex currency system that requires players to collect population, wood, stone, and food. The language translation leaves some accuracy to be desired at times, but overall it is a decently fun and polished game. It is quite a bit more simple than games like CityVille and Social City. Happy Kingdom gained over 170,000 players this week for a total of almost 483,000 MAU.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.