This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games: Happy Treasure Hunters, Spot The Difference and More

Leading this week’s list of emerging Facebook games (defined by those games which are still under 1 million MAU) is the Chinese language title, 開心探寶 which translates to Happy Treasure Hunters. This sim/adventure game is heavily inspired by Zynga’s Treasure Isle, and doesn’t appear to iterate too much on the proven mechanics of the game. We were unable to find the name of the developer, however they launched the game in mid-January. According to AppData, our platform for analyzing the top growing Facebook games, Happy Treasure Hunters has gained 761,000 players in just the last week alone.

In the second position this week is Spot The Difference, an older game that launched in 2008 by Lunatic Games. This simplistic game that challenges players to seek out all differences between two pictures was profiled in last week’s emerging games leaderboard. Spot The Difference grew by another 306,000 players over the past seven days and is now sitting at over 778,000 monthly active users.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. 開心探寶 815,768 +761,292 +1,397%
2. Spot The Difference 778,456 +306,280 +65%
3. NBA Legend: Official NBA Game 448,799 +253,583 +130%
4. Super Billares 911,914 +244,207 +37%
5. Fish World 981,763 +228,157 +30%
6. Pirates Saga 780,609 +206,574 +36%
7. Galaxy Online II – Most Competitive Strategy Game 711,106 +204,105 +40%
8. Okey Plus 800,053 +197,211 +33%
9. My Kingdom 250,878 +178,117 +245%
10. Poker Texas Boyaa 858,612 +163,982 +24%
11. Slotomania – Slot Machines 910,592 +156,808 +21%
12. DDTank 472,391 +151,348 +47%
13. Horse Academy 228,367 +135,213 +145%
14. Footy! 824,758 +126,086 +18%
15. Townster 460,973 +121,246 +36%
16. 無限德州撲克 870,483 +112,412 +15%
17. แฮปปี้ฟาร์ม ๓ 250,826 +108,172 +76%
18. Dragon Age Legends 204,431 +90,023 +79%
19. 麻將-台灣麻將 439,041 +88,367 +25%
20. Twilight Wars 331,799 +84,835 +34%

NBA Legend is the official NBA Facebook game developed by Lionside, Inc. and launched last month. It grew by 130% in the past week, bringing it to just under 450,000 MAU. On first impression, NBA Legend well-polished and fairly easy to understand, however after spending some time with the game it feels little less a basketball game and more like a forced experience attempting to take advantage of working mechanics in other Facebook games. Your home court is simply the place where you “drill”, which means clicking on yourself and choosing a length of time to drill for (similar to a contract in a game like Social City). Drilling with your neighbors is how you build up chemistry with your teammates, however going to visit them feels like at attempt to make a neighbor system work in a game that isn’t really suited for it. Actual basketball games are as simple as switching out team members and clicking “play”, then watching as the match is simulated and a score is randomly given to you. Despite not that much of an interactive sports games, NBA Legend has been showing some early growth.

Dragon Age Legends is the companion game to Electronic Arts’ new console and PC RPG Dragon Age II. The game was in closed beta and only available to those who had purchased the retail version of Dragon Age II until recently, but it is now available for anyone on Facebook to play. Touted as a “Facebook game for people who hate Facebook games”, Dragon Age Legends is a light RPG with tie-ins to the console and PC version of Dragon Age II. Players use energy to compete in battles with creatures and enemies and are rewarded with in-game items for Dragon Age II. Dragon Age Legends has nearly doubled its playerbase in the past week and now has 204,000 MAU.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.