This Unemployed Producer’s Blog Is Pretty Good

Count us in as one of the ten thousand new fans of “Sir Bacon’s” unemployment blog. Sir Bacon, a TV producer with 25 years of experience, is currently (and anonymously) blogging his way through his fourteenth month of unemployment.

That’s a rough amount of time to be unemployed and it’s hard on anyone. But Sir Bacon manages to keep on the bright side without being Pollyanna. We can tell how hard it is on him to stay positive, to hit the gym every morning and to send out resumes and e-mails with a chipper outlook, and to have to answer to his well-meaning wife’s “pep talks.” (this, we can identify with. S.O.’s really are just trying to help, aren’t they?)

Sir Bacon’s blog got picked up by Business Insider and his traffic promptly shot into the stratosphere.

It’s good, poignant writing. Here’s an excerpt from his first post:

I am a 42-year old father of three who has accomplished a tremendous amount in my 25-years in the working world. I have been honored several times with national awards that “really didn’t matter to me”, until I won of course.

I am just as motivated as the first time I walked into the workplace, but to find that workplace doesn’t want me anymore and that the people I once called friends won’t respond to me anymore is what really hurt.

With so many new colleagues in this same broken down boat, I am hoping we can keep our head above the water until the Coast Guard arrives, and stay motivated to find the new world of happiness.

Sir Bacon, consider yourself added to our reader.