This Tool Allows You to Find Social Influencers Through Image Recognition

Dovetale simplifies search for marketers

Marketers can upload images like this one to find similar social influencers. Dovetale
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Instead of scrolling through lists of influencers or key words, hoping to find the right fit for your brand’s marketing strategy, Dovetale has created a simplified search method powered by machine learning.

Dovetale, an influencer marketing platform with a set of tools that help brands and agencies “manage, measure and pay influencers for branded content,” is launching a recommendation engine in order to simplify how brands are currently searching for influencers.

Much like reverse-image-searching on Google, you can upload a photo into Dovetale’s system, set a range of parameters of influencer criteria, and see what influencers are posting similar images to determine if you’d like to work with them. The tool connects to influencers’ YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Twitter accounts to find matches.

Here’s a GIF to show how it works:

Search for social influencers who post images similar to what your brand is looking for.

“Influencer marketing is at a standstill—the marketplace platforms that exist are not targeted and optimized to help brands succeed,” said Dovetale’s founder, Mike Schmidt, in a press release. “We have developed a true technology platform that brings back the strategy, accountability and trust in influencer marketing.”

“Dovetale helps educate brands during the process, while making it easy to see the direct impact influencer marketing has on their campaigns, so they can eventually own their influencer marketing strategy,” said Schmidt.

In addition to this new tool, brands and agencies who use Dovetale will also have access to its already existing suite of tools, which includes a payment structure (that uses Stripe), measurement and analytics capabilities, and other features that help further discovery of new influencers.

@samimain Sami Main is social editor for Adweek, where she posts Adweek content onto social platforms and looks for creative ways to communicate what's new.