This Thermal Wristband is the Perfect Halloween Accessory for Cold Costumes

Halloween costumes can be a tricky affair for cold-bloods like me. Unless I am dressing up as a polar bear, a Yeti, or Jabba the Hutt, I always have to cover my great costumes with a jacket and plenty of scarves, indoors or out. I wished I had this Wristify accessory to help me out. It’s an electronic device that can keep me feeling thermally comfortable, no matter how hot or cold I am.

The thermoelectic bracelet was invented by engineering students at MIT – most likely after being too hot or too cold in their Halloween costume. The bracelet sends thermal pulses to the wrist to help maintain personal comfort for your body. It’s also useful when you’re not in costumes.

Sam Shames, one of Wristify’s inventors, explains how it could help us out throughout the year:

Buildings right now use an incredible amount of energy just in space heating and cooling. In fact, all together this makes up 16.5 percent of all U.S. primary energy consumption. We wanted to reduce that number, while maintaining individual thermal comfort. We found the best way to do it was local heating and cooling of parts of the body.

Even one degree of change in a building’s heating and cooling can save 100 kilowatt-hours per month.

Obviously, you shouldn’t head out into a snow storm in a skimpy costume and this bracelet – that’s dangerous. This device is supposed to help you maintain a suitable comfort level if you are a bit too hot or too cold – say in a room full of various costumes at the office party.

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